How to Play Kabbadi

This version of the traditional game Kabbadi was introduced to our troop by the most fantastic leader, Lol Olley. The sort of guy who could rustle up an evening with nothing much and always had a briefcase packed with things to make the magic happen…

Without further ado, here’s the game, still popular more than 15 years later…

  • 8-12 players per team. Two teams (both with equal numbers and sizes).
  • Alternate sides raid
  • Single person raiders
  • Defenders can hold hands
  • Room divided into quarters longways (i.e. 4 X rectangles)
  • Defenders to stay in home quarter until raider is in their half
  • Raider has to tag a defender in his home 1/2 and get back to his home quarter without breathing in
  • A raider has to emit a noise whilst breathing out
  • Defenders can stop a raider by making him breath in (no body harm) before he gets back to his home quarter
  • Defender pushing a raider out of court is a foul
  • Raider going out of court is out of the game
  • Raider who breathes in before returning home is out of the game.

Kabbadi has sometimes been spelt Kabadi or even Kabaddi.  Lol used to love the fact that Kabbadi was shown on TV in the UK on terrestrial channels. I never saw it but always very fierce I am told!

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