What help do you need?

This is a simple statement that we are all guilty of racing past!

Who would volunteer for being a “Leader” or “Committee Member” without any more explanation? Not many people.

  • What is it that you need help with?
  • How much time is involved?
  • Do I need any special skills?
  • Will it require a uniform?
  • Will I need a DBS check and to complete training
  • How will my volunteering make a difference?
  • How will I be supported, for example with training to learn any skills I need?

I think if you can answer those clearly and positively, you’ve got the basis for an excellent advert.


I have been a beaver, cub and scout leader for more than 25 years. As a Group Scout Leader of a busy group, I want to share my collection of resources and ideas - let me know if you find something useful.

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