Games to Play

Zig Zag Relay

Equipment Needed: 1 large (sponge) ball per team How to Play Divide players into 2 teams with even numbers on each team The team then forms two lines with players facing towards each other The ball is passed between the two lines zig-zag fashion until it reaches the last player on the right had side….

Games to Play

How to Play Kabbadi

This version of the traditional game Kabbadi was introduced to our troop by the most fantastic leader, Lol Olley. The sort of guy who could rustle up an evening with nothing much and always had a briefcase packed with things to make the magic happen… Without further ado, here’s the game, still popular more than…


Easter Eggs

Here is an idea I read for some simple, but fun Easter Egg activities Hard boil a lot of eggs – you will need some spares because some will crack in the boiling and you need perfect uncracked eggs. At the start of the Meeting issue six eggs to each Six (or Patrol). The eggs…