Smart USB Charging Station for 8 Devices

By Jon Bloor •  Updated: 30-Mar-24 •  1 min read

I have previously written about our move to rechargeable LED lights. Since buying and trying a single lamp we have added four more as well as having other devices using USB ports to charge.

This unit allows charging of multiple devices and intelligently switches off as devices reach capacity which stops overcharging. Whilst it is small and portable (it measures 13cm wide X 6.5cm tall X 2.6cm wide) there is a long power cable provided. Whilst we plan to take this to camp, it worked really well at the Scout Centre to charge devices for several weeks of use in just an hour or so (I put the lights on charge at the start of a meeting and was surprised to see they all showed full before the end of the session 90 minutes later).

Jon Bloor

I'm a leader with more than 30 years of experience and I have run beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers. I was in a trial group for the scout network. Presently, I am group scout leader (or group lead volunteer) at 4th Ashby Scout Group.

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