First Meeting Back -
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I thought I would try to report on our plan, how it went and then share the activities for you to try in your own troop

This term, I want the Scouts to attain the Teamwork and World Challenges – and ideally, also be working on the personal challenges. Usually, I’d work on one challenge per term (3 years or so, three terms works well with 9 awards) but after not meeting, or not meeting much, I want to try to help the Scouts that want to earn their gold award.

I’m starting on my three-year plan and will soon add the term outline here also.

Due to the meeting place challenges we face, lingering covid rules and a general desire to be out of doors we met at the local campsite and the idea was to work on patrol challenges.

We began with a game of “Points Down” which worked well as it was dry although better suited to indoors I feel.

Then, in natural groups, we completed an activity called Crack the Code – Symbols represented letters and the teams had a few clues to try and solve as many as possible. This was well received by most teams in both Troops and was a change to the physical challenges so it appealed to other members.

As darkness fell, we adapted our programme and used our “backup” activity – the site’s orienteering course which just weeks earlier had been reinstated. This was popular, although I think that was because the Scouts could run around in the dark!

Lastly, we played Lighthouse with one Troop – this had been requested each week during the summer term but it was too light to do well. No such problem this time so really good fun.

On the other evening, we finished with a manhunt – two teams took it in turns to hide or find. Always popular with the Scouts.

We will adapt for the limited lighting – indeed for the Thursday troop, we took the LED camping lights and leisure battery as well as advising the Scouts to bring a torch.

A couple of the older Scouts on Tuesday wanted to play a more leading role, which was really pleasing. I asked them what they would like to do and the answer was clear – cooking on an open fire. This will work really well in the dark night, so I asked what they would like to cook. Pizza was the answer. So, despite our plan and the aspiration above, next week we are making pizzas.

Please share with your friends