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Here is an idea I read for some simple, but fun Easter Egg activities

Hard boil a lot of eggs – you will need some spares because some will crack in the boiling and you need perfect uncracked eggs.

At the start of the Meeting issue six eggs to each Six (or Patrol).

  • The eggs have to be carried, by hand not in a pocket and certainly never put down, throughout the Meeting.
  • The Six with the most un-cracked eggs at the end of the Meeting gets a prize.
  • Miniature chocolate eggs are good prizes – the winning Six get two each, the others get one.
  • An obstacle course is a good thing to do during the Meeting, using tables, upturned benches, chairs to crawl under.
  • The kids have to make the obstacle course, of course.
  • Carrying their eggs.

I thought this was a wonderful idea, easy to do and a little bit different.  Although Easter is early this year, I think that this could be done out of doors to be even more “Scouting”  You don’t have to do it at Easter of course – but it is worth thinking about when planning this term. Depending on the group concerned it might be worth decorating them and having an extra competition for that – it is almost certainly another creative activity.  I’d use felt tip pens rather than paint so you can get on with the obstacle course.

If you undertake this with your “lot”, let us all know how you get on.

Please share with your friends