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XvXn though this typXwritXr is an old modXl, it works quitX wXll XxcXpt for onX of thX kXys.  It is truX that thXrX arX 46 kXys that function wXll Xnough, but only onX kXy not working makXs thX diffXrXncX.  You may say to yoursXlf, “wXll, I am only onX pXrson, I won’t makX much diffXrXncX.”  But it doXs makX a diffXrXncX!  A Scout Group to bX XffXctivX, nXXds thX work and Xnthusiasm of XvXry mXmbXr and XvXry pXrson.  So nXxt timX you think you arX only onX pXrson and you Xfforts would not bX noticXd, rXmXmbXr this old typXwritXr and say to yoursXlf, “I am a kXy pXrson in this group and my support is nXXdXd vXry much.”

Something to consider, whatever your talents and experience – you ARE a key person here.

Please share with your friends

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