Do Scout leaders have to wear uniform?

By Jon Bloor •  Updated: 11-Mar-24 •  1 min read

Scout leaders generally wear a uniform here in the UK. Most groups will provide a shirt, trousers and belt for leaders, or at least reimburse the cost for buying them yourself.

Historically, uniform was difficult to size but recent reports suggest that the sizing guides are easy to work with and to find the appropriate fit.

Many groups also have their own polo shirts, hoodies or fleeces (amongst other items).

Technically, uniform is optional for some roles but many volunteers like to represent Scouting by wearing it.

One tip from many years of recruiting volunteers – provide a new volunteer with a necker (also called a scarf in some areas). This helps them feel like they belong straightaway.

Personally, if a volunteer is keen, get them in uniform asap.

I personally prefer a necker or scarf to the tie as it helps me feel connected (the same) to the young people.

Leaders can buy from the Scout Shop directly, investigate local shops or use Amazon

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Jon Bloor

I'm a leader with more than 30 years of experience and I have run beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers. I was in a trial group for the scout network. Presently, I am group scout leader (or group lead volunteer) at 4th Ashby Scout Group.

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