Danish Longball

Equipment Needed

Two bats, 4 stumps and a ball


Outside (you need space)

How to play

  1. Split the players into two equal teams
  2. Setup two lines, some distance apart. The batting team are behind one and have to get to the other. The bowler is in the middle.
  3. The bowler throws underarm balls. Batters have to run whether they hit it or not. The batter must cross the second line and can stop there whilst the next batter hits the ball. Make it back behind the first line for a point.
  4. Batters can be caught out. Also if you are stumped or if the ball hits a batter or runner, they are out. If the ball is hit behind the batting line, the batter is out.
  5. You can limit the number of players who are out before the sides need to swap – e.g. three out, all out.

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