Last week the Scouts asked to spend some time cooking, and in particular, making pizza. As always, I tried to oblige. There are lots of videos on Youtube but they require fancy ovens, cardboard boxes or yeast. They all needed time too. During a 1hr 45min meeting, time is not on our side, so the video below was just right.

We gather ingredients, bowls, boards, knives and spatulas. The Scouts made the dough and topped the pizzas. Some children preferred to wrap and cook garlic bread. Our frying pans didn't have lids so some foil was used to melt the cheese and to use the toppings.

For 12 Scouts - 2 rolls of foil, 1 bag of self-raising flour, 1 tube of tomato puree, 1 bag of grated cheese, 1 pack of pepperoni (approx 2/3 used), 1 pack of halal meat slices (1/2 would have done), 1 small box of mushrooms, 1 bell pepper and 6 garlic bread loaves. We used a little vegetable oil and a pack of wipes for cleaning hands and equipment. We had 6 small and 2 large pans, 6 mixing bowls, 6 chopping boards, 4 small knives, 2 spatulas (would have more) as well as tongs and chopping boards. A couple of 6' tables was sufficient. We were lucky to have a few planks to put the hot pans on.

Homemade pizza cooked in a pan (no over needed)

Supplies Needed

Budget Frying Pan

Multipack of Spatulas

6 chopping boards

4 small knives

2 spatulas (would have more)

2 pairs tongs

4 Rolling Pins

6 Mixing Bowls

2 6' tables was sufficient.

Step by Step Instructions

Mix the flour with a *little* water. Use flour to stop the dough from sticking to your hands or the board. Press with your palms or a rolling pin and make a thin base to fit inside one of the pans.

Prepare your toppings on your chopping board, as you need to work quickly with a hot pan in a few minutes.

Cut a piece of foil large enough to cover the top and sides of your pan.

On the fire, warm the pan with a little oil and then place your dough in it. Watch out in case the hot fat spits out. After a minute or so, turn the base over and warm that side too.

When the second side is browned, lift the pan from the fire, spread tomato puree over the base with a spatula, sprinkle some cheese and add other toppings. Cover your pan with the foil and gently press the foil into place

Put the foil-covered pan onto the fire and after a couple of minutes, slide your pizza out, allow to cool for a moment then enjoy!

Next time, I would use water rather than yoghurt. I would also slice the peppers, mushrooms and meat so that they are easy to apply. Grated cheese was great for that. The garlic bread was delicious and a good option for some children.

Scouts seemed to engage with this in spite of the very dark. Good in small groups of perhaps 2 or 3 people.

We found that our new battery lights worked really well to enable us to carry on as darkness fell at the campsite.

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