3 Person Expedition Tent For Scouts

By Jon Bloor •  Updated: 30-Mar-24 •  1 min read

When we planned our latest expedition weekend for the Scouts we discovered we did not have enough tents.

As a group, we’ve used Eurohike tents for some while and had six of the forerunner to this tent so we knew what to expect.

This tent went beyond these expectations for two reasons. Firstly,the bag which it packs into is not more generous and so makes striking camp easier. Secondly, this edition featured the Nightfall technology.

The evening before the Scouts arrived, cubs had camped in “standard” tents and were awake with the sunrise at 4:15am. Scouts found that the darker inner tents meant they slept until woken which was much better for them and the leaders!

We had the version in blue, but that has been disconinuted in favour of the green version below, which looks similar in every way.

Jon Bloor

I'm a leader with more than 30 years of experience and I have run beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers. I was in a trial group for the scout network. Presently, I am group scout leader (or group lead volunteer) at 4th Ashby Scout Group.

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