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Rechargeable Battery Light for Outdoor Scout Meeting

We needed a new light for working outdoors as the nights here in England draw in. We now have a leisure battery and led strip light setup for camping, which is great but cumbersome for a Troop night in a field. After some research, I chose this rechargeable light which has a USB and solar option for charging.

The light was really bright and was still going strong after 2.5 hours. I could have dropped the light level to extend the battery further. Charging from the car or at home is simple.

There is a handle which means the light can be propped up and angled where needed. We simply tied it to some rope and hoisted it up a tree to give a good light level for a group of 18 to complete their activity.

As the unit isn't particularly heavy, it is easy to pack into a bag, box or boot as a backup, but don't be fooled. It's hard-wearing too, so it will give you plenty of service.

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