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3 Person Expedition Tent for Scouts

With more Scouts than ever, we needed some additional tents. I chose the Eurohike brand as we have found their tents to be reasonable price and quality. Whilst this isn't the lightest tent, it can be shared between three people on an expedition.

The porch allows somewhere to cook if it is wet, or at least a chance to get out of your wet clothes and boots before risking getting your sleeping bag wet.

The feature which intrigued me most, as well as wondering why no one has thought of it sooner, was the dark inner tent. Eurohike call this Nightfall. Having had the Cubs wake up at 4:15 with the sun streaming through their tent earlier (much earlier!) that morning, I was already warming to the idea. Whilst it is dark inside, the Scouts pointed out they only really go inside to sleep. The following morning several Scouts said what a good night's sleep they had. One girl told me it was heaven, she slept until called for breakfast!

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